Something New:
Chariots of Cielo

The blue ribbon has been cut and a new ministry has been born out of our vision for wheelchairs to be produced from Mission Emanuel.

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Mission Trips

The most important guiding principle of going on a mission trip is building relationships with God, each other, and our Dominican friends.

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Medical Center

Visit the Medical Center pages here. The center serves Cielo, Nazaret and the surrounding communities in Bayona.

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Provision del Cielo

Since its opening, Provision del Cielo, (Heaven’s Provision) has the capacity to clean and refill 2,000 5-gallon bottles per day.

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I go back on the men’s trip every April …

It was five years ago that I went on my first mission trip with Mission Emanuel. I have not missed a year since. This is not out of some religious obligation but I go back on the men’s trip every April because I look forward to the lift that I experience in my soul and the mental cleansing that takes place as I leave behind the distractions of wealth and mingle amongst the joyful Christians in Ceilo and Nazarette that have so little wordly wealth. Read more

Richard Milam
Mission Emanuel … has shaped my faith in so many ways and had a powerful impact upon my life.

Our two sons first began spending much time in the Dominican Republic with Jack and World Servants. I then had the privilege of going to the DR in 1987 and many times hence. Mission Emanuel holds a precious place in my heart, has shaped my faith in so many ways and had a powerful impact upon my life. Read more

Myrtie Davis
Building Just Part of our Missions Work

A trip to Cielo feels like coming home. I alongside my husband and four children, have had the privilege of serving in the Dominican Republic as a family. We cherish the opportunity for each of our children to sponsor a child from the Cielo school; our visits to their homes and the warmth they share with us proves Jesus’ promise of “give and it shall be given.” It has been a joy to pray for each of them and watch them grow. By far these trips have impacted our lives more than any other experience we have had together. Read more

Jenné Hibbs Carpenter's Workshop Counselor
The trip was amazing and I truly felt like my purpose to spread God’s word was fulfilled.

To my Missions Pastor,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to go on the trip. I had an incredible time. It was so good to build Christ-centered relationships with my Dominican and American friends. As I mentioned in my application, I really prayed for the opportunity to be bold in sharing the gospel on the trip. On the first day down there, one of my Dominican friends, Orkedia, who is 17 now, poured her heart out to me. Read more

Kathryn Rowell