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“The DR shows you the handiwork of the King, up close and personal. Mission Emanuel puts you in position go thrive in the work of the Kingdom and experience Christ through physical labor, close relationships, and astounding leadership.”

Carter Rief
Carter RiefCarter’s summer blog

“The students [from our team] were inspired by how the people in the community were so grateful for what they had. We often take the simple things like clean water, stable floors, and plenty of clothes, for granted. Being on this trip for even just a few days has opened everyone’s eyes to a new perspective on how we go about our daily lives.”

Anna Grace ColeTeam blog

It was five years ago that I went on my first mission trip with Mission Emanuel. I have not missed a year since. This is not out of some religious obligation but I go back on the men’s trip every April because I look forward to the lift that I experience in my soul and the mental cleansing that takes place as I leave behind the distractions of wealth and mingle amongst the joyful Christians in Ceilo and Nazarette that have so little wordly wealth.

Visiting my Dominican (adopted) family whose daughter is one of my sponsored children is always a highlight. They are always glad to see me and treat me like one of their own. It has been a thrill to watch the whole family grow physically and spiritually. Last April, the mother was in church on Sunday (she had not been in previous years) and when we were able to catch up, she shared that she had become a Christian and was being discipled by sweet woman of God who goes to the Mission Emanuel Church. It just doesn’t get any better than that to see a whole family redeemed right before your very eyes! It reminds me of Paul and Corneilus…

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Richard Milam
Richard Milam