Medical Center

Medical Center

Our center serves Cielo, Nazaret and the surrounding communities…
Provision Del Cielo

Water Center

Access to clean water has become paramount in our vision to serve…
Mission Emanuel Schools

Mission Emanuel Schools

The Emanuel School was the product of the dreams of Javier and…

Dominicans & Americans working together

A Mile Deep

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What participants say

“God’s presence was so vivid and clear in Cielo that it’s easy to go back to our daily routine here…but it’s important that we don’t… It’s important that we carry on all the relationships we created over the past week and continue to serve here in our own town until we can make it back to Cielo.”

Jensen Proffitt
Jensen ProffittGreensboro, NC

“The DR shows you the handiwork of the King, up close and personal. Mission Emanuel puts you in position go thrive in the work of the Kingdom and experience Christ through physical labor, close relationships, and astounding leadership.”

Carter Rief
Carter RiefMy Summer Blog

“The students [from our team] were inspired by how the people in the community were so grateful for what they had. We often take the simple things like clean water, stable floors, and plenty of clothes, for granted. Being on this trip for even just a few days has opened everyone’s eyes to a new perspective on how we go about our daily lives.”

Anna Grace ColeTeam blog

“I focus on the eternal riches that the Dominicans in Cielo taught me. I will strive to love endlessly, have a grateful heart, and above all, dedicate my life to God, and attempt to be a walking celebration of his love.”

Sarah PuryearMontgomery Bell Academy student (Nashville, TN)

“I was struck not by the poverty that surrounded me and the people of the Dominican Republic but by the joy I saw everywhere I looked.”

John GloverMontgomery Bell Academy student (Nashville, TN)