Mission Trips

The most important guiding principle of going on a mission trip is building relationships with God, each other, and our Dominican friends. We believe that God calls us to serve Him and each other by working together sharing the burdens and joys of life. Teams from the US travel to the Dominican Republic to work in and around the Cielo and Nazaret communites. Emphasis for the project teams is placed on time spent in fellowship rather than on physical work. Days are spent within the community working and being with the people, and evenings are spent sharing stories of the day. The physical labor that needs to be done always seems to get done but hearts are restored in the process.
The first time you go on one of these mission trips, you have an agenda. Before the week is out you will realize that we are there for God’s agenda, not ours, and that everything He wants us to accomplish, will be. His agenda includes more than building homes, churches, clinics, and schools. His agenda builds lives – Dominican and American. Missionaries always feel as though they received much more than they gave and their lives are changed forever. If you have the heart, come join us.

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Mission Trips:

2013 Calendar of Remaining Mission Trips

May 6-10: The Christ School, Orlando, FL

June 8-14: First Presbyterian Church, Orlando, FL
June 15-22: First Baptist Church and First Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem, NC
June 22-28: Summer Trip (open to all)
June 30-July 6: Sparta Evangelical Free Church/EFCA, Eastern District Churches
July 13-19: Kids Around the World
July 21-27: Youth group, Pasadena, CA
October 19-25: Annual October Fall “OPEN” Trip