Mission Emanuel … has shaped my faith in so many ways and had a powerful impact upon my life.

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Our two sons first began spending much time in the Dominican Republic with Jack and World Servants. I then had the privilege of going to the DR in 1987 and many times hence. Mission Emanuel holds a precious place in my heart, has shaped my faith in so many ways and had a powerful impact upon my life. The people of the Dominican Republic have deeplytouched me, and are continually such a blessing. They teach me so much about genuine, unconditional love, gratitude, unselfishness and joy! They have little materially, yet they have such hearts of thankfulness and true joy. For those who know Jesus, His love shines so brightly in their hearts. Their focus is not on “things,” but “eternal values, on relationships – their relationships with Jesus and each other. Adults and children alike so openly share their love, smiles, warmth and hugs. Their worship, too, is so filled with the Holy Spirit, with praise, adoration and joy.

Another highlight is always spending time with the people at a Leprosarium. Many there are blind, have disfigurements and loss of fingers and toes, but all have tender, thankful hearts. As we sing, pray, and talk together, their joy and love for Jesus shines through their faces and words of gratitude despite their circumstances. They have such thankful hearts in knowing their Lord! And I, indeed, have a thankful heart for Mission Emanuel, the DR and the blessing of seeing, serving and sharing Jesus there.

The joy of the Lord is my strength. (Neh. 8:10)

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