If you need to sign up for a trip, contact us at

Already signed up? You should be hearing from your Team Leader regarding preparation meetings in your area.

CONGRATULATIONS! Get ready for a life-changing adventure.

No matter if you have traveled the world or never left your hometown, a trip with Mission Emanuel is an unforgettable experience. On behalf of our staff, we are so grateful for your decision to serve in our community.

Here is a checklist of things you will need to do to prepare for the trip:

  • Contact us or your area Team Leader to sign up
  • Passport
  • Vaccinations (Updated Tetanus is required)
  • $150 per person non-refundable deposit
  • Flight to Las Americas International Airport (SDQ)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Balance due to ME office 2 weeks before arrival


Is it safe?

The Hotel grounds and surrounding neighborhood are the best areas of Santo Domingo. However, as in any third world country, caution is advised. You can walk to stores and restaurants in the area WITH A COMPANION!, never alone. Same applies to our Mission Emanuel compound in Cielo and surrounding area including work sites.

Can I drink the water?

You cannot drink tap water from any faucet in the DR. We will provide you with pure water in your hotel rooms and at all meals and at work sites. It is extremely important to drink a lot of water at work sites to stay hydrated and our staff will provide you with water.

Where do we stay?

We stay at the Dominican Fiesta Hotel, on Avenida Anacaona, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana – (809) 562-8222 – about 20 minutes from our Mission in Cielo

Is food included?

All meals starting with the evening of your arrival until the morning breakfast of your departure are supplied. Home cooked Dominican meals are prepared by Zuni and her staff daily for lunch, with suppers at restaurants, the Mission and the hotel. All water served at these places is PURE and drinkable.

Will someone pick me up from the airport?

Mission Emanuel staff wearing identifiable T-shirts will meet, greet and transport you to our Hotel, and aid you with luggage and hotel check-in.

Do I need to know Spanish?

No, translators will be provided and available at all times.

Will there be other groups there than just my church/school/family?

Depending on the trip. Some trips are exclusively for a specific church and/or group. Others are mixed and we encourage team building relationships.

What if I don’t know how to do construction?

Our staff will be at the construction site to help you learn how do what is needed. You can pass buckets of cement, blocks, or assist at our medical center and water plant or just circulate in the community visiting and building relationships.

Can I bring things to donate and/or give away? (ie. medicine, clothing, candy)

Yes. We ask that you give all your donations to our staff who will see that it goes to the appropriate person or place. We do not want you handing out donations in the community by yourself as it can cause many problems within the culture and our mission.

What should I pack?

Men will need long pants and a collared shirt for church on Sunday and Wednesday night. Women need dresses or skirts and tops with sleeves. Work clothes like gloves, shorts, cotton T-shirts or moisture wicking tops and shorts, hat, sun-block, insect repellant, bathing suit for pool at hotel and casual clothing for evening meals (shorts are fine).