Update from the October “Open” Trip

Sponsor Children Christmas Photos

For you sponsors who are in our Child Sponsorship Program, you can be looking forward to some pretty adorable Christmas cards that will arrive in your mailbox next month. Thanks to Bob Heimall and Lorraine Thoms

Heath news: “Chikungunya”

Chikungunya is a difficult word to say and an even worse viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes.

Victims have great joint pain, headaches, and fevers.

Chikungunya has hit the Dominican Republic like a hurricane leaving many people sick and in pain. …

Hope for sponsorship

NEW SCHOOL YEAR is right around the corner in Cielo & Nazaret and we have very exciting news to tell you regarding Mission Emanuel’s Child Sponsorship Program!

Emmanuel and Karen Corsino

Many of you already know this delightful Godly young …

October Trip 2014


First… Watch this!


Now that you’re excited about coming to the DR, please take the time to read the information below.


Mission Emanuel Open Trip to the Dominican Republic

Arriving Saturday, October 18 and departing Saturday, October

Our Growing Dental Ministry

Dental team (left to right) Dr. Mark Johnson, Heather Johnson, Dr. Roger Nofsinger,
Sarah Folan, Stacie Sissom, Nestor de Armas, Dr. Wilbur Davis

As always, June was a busy month for Mission Emanuel! We hosted 10 teams and over 185 …

Desperation and a smile in the same photo

Quita Sueño

After 20 years in Nazaret and 17 years in Cielo, we feel it is time to establish another beachhead for the Gospel in the Dominican Republic. When we first started in Cielo, it was an “unreached” people group. We were …

June 2014

May 5th-9th Annual Trip to DR

The Christ School brought the largest group in their history of serving this year. Fifty-seven students, parents, faculty and staff traveled to Mission Emanuel for the fifth year. This year’s group was bursting with …

May 2014

Hope Presbyterian Church of Winston-Salem, NC & First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro, NC Trip: April 26th – May 3rd

Dr. Mitchell working on hand and Emmanuel Corsino comforting the patient

Dr. Mitchell working on hand and Emmanuel Corsino comforting the patient

Lia Erickson and Michael Mitchell served in our Pediatric Clinic …

Dec 2013 Update

Dear partners and friends of Mission Emanuel,

I suspect this is one of way too many emails arriving at the end of the year and am thankful that you have opened this one and read it this far already. I …